Hilda Coyne, Editor


This edition of Visions on Learning Differences includes articles about ways to end violence in schools and on college campuses, recent research on learning instruction, and a comparison of some of the major differences between high school and college academic experiences, along with suggestions for students with learning differences in college. It additionally includes a fascinating account of a study abroad experience, a valuable book review on transitioning to college, as well as conference updates, and more.

First, on this page, the timely article by the editor entitled "Ways To Avoid School/Campus Violence and Foster Ending Hate Crimes" includes a list of effective methods to keep students safe both in schools and college campuses nationwide. In the second article, "Developing Critical Thinking Through the Arts," Susan Mackey and Rose Ann Schwartz delineate highly informative strategies for the broadening of student experience and success, providing helpful techniques and useful websites.


Then, in the article entitled "Integrating Learning Instruction and Academic Accommodations for College Students with Disabilities," Dr. Frona A. Brown of Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland and Dr. Matt Tominey of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offer important guidelines for consideration by students and those who assist them when students transition from high school to college, along with equally important guidelines to foster academic achievement for students with learning differences.

Additionally, Alexandra Buenaventura shares her interesting experiences on studying abroad and the differences in learning and teaching style that she encountered in her article entitled, "An International Study Experience." As always, your contributions in articles, photos, conference information, and other newsworthy items are welcome.