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Vol. 2, No. 2 - Information on Learning Differences Online Spring 2003


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Auditory Processing: Potential Effect on Learning

On the Path to Remediation

A Technology Breakthrough for Educators and Students

Overcoming Fear and Shame:
It is Never Too Late to Learn

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Hilda Coyne is a University Lecturer and Learning Specialist in private practice in Baltimore, Maryland, with over 25 years of experience in the identification and treatment of learning differences. She is a Services Provider for the Baltimore City Public Schools System, kindergarten through twelfth grade, an Educational Consultant to the Departments of Academic Advising in colleges and universities, and assists students from pre-kindergarten through college and beyond. She is Past Chair for Learning Disabilities with the National Association for Developmental Education, and facilitates staff development and other workshops. She is a published author of seminal research, and is a speaker at local, regional and national conferences. For additional information, please visit


Please share this newsletter with your colleagues. Your feedback, concerns, interests and ideas are very important, especially those useful to novice and experienced administrators, counselors, instructors, or students with learning disabilities. The editor welcomes articles on the latest reserach, updates on identifying and treating learning disabilities, teaching tips and strategies, conference information, legislative concerns, legal and medical issues, gifted and different learners, resources, and student success stories. Book reviews, photos and news information on recent, current, and upcoming events, both national and regional, are welcomed as well.

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