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Vol. 2, No. 2 - Information on Learning Differences Online Spring 2003


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Auditory Processing: Potential Effect on Learning

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Overcoming Fear and Shame:
It is Never Too Late to Learn

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His first name is Marcel since he appears in a black and white ensemble resembling the costume of the renowned pantomime artist, Marcel Marceau. Then, as Marcel Pinto Picasso walks away from the viewer, the markings are reminiscent of a pinto pony, hence the middle name of Pinto. Next, at one time, the shopping bags at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art sported a stair-step black and white design. Thus, his similarly patterned fur led to his last name of Picasso, an appropriate choice for Marcel, a friendly work of art in motion.

His attention to news first manifested when he climbed into a box of newspaper clippings and attempted to devour small bits of them with great relish. After fifteen minutes of careful investigation, he curled up in the clippings, fell asleep, and snored lightly.

Marcel generally finds red and yellow cat toys, bird songs, other cats, people, and moving cursors more absorbing fare. As the reader peruses the preceding articles, however, with careful scrutiny it may be possible to detect those articles Marcel edited.